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    Moving To A New City On Instagram Vs. Moving To A New City In Reality

    Life isn't all cityscapes and brunch dates.

    Packing up your things on Instagram.

    Packing up your things in reality.

    U-Hauling on Instagram.

    U-Hauling in reality.

    Your triumphant arrival on Instagram.

    Your triumphant arrival in reality.

    Seeing the sights on Instagram.

    Seeing the sights in reality.

    Reconnecting with old friends on Instagram.

    Reconnecting with old friends in reality.

    Making new friends on Instagram.

    Making new friends in reality.

    Your beautiful new abode on Instagram.

    Your beautiful new abode in reality.

    Weekends on Instagram.

    Weekends in reality.

    Your new favorite restaurant on Instagram.

    Your new favorite restaurant in reality.

    Your awesome roommates on Instagram.

    Your awesome roommates in reality.

    Embracing a new culture on Instagram.

    Embracing a new culture in reality.

    Getting to know public transportation on Instagram.

    Getting to know public transportation in reality.

    Finally finishing unpacking on Instagram.

    Finally finishing unpacking in reality.