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The 15 Performers You Will Probably Meet On Vacation

Seriously, why so many Peruvian pipe bands?

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1. The Human Statue

Flickr: 63390914@N02

Is there a school that offers advanced training in body paint, classical costuming and not moving for long periods of time? If so, that would be the only logical reason why this creepy and confusing novelty act continues to pervade the world's tourist centers.

2. The Peruvian Pan Pipe Band

Flickr: 23045224@N04

I'm not sure why or how every city square in the world is a performance space for a group individuals dressed as North American Indians playing South American instruments to a backing CD in a sort of pseudo-karaoke style. I wonder how many requests they get to play happy birthday.

3. The Hippie Guitarist

Flickr: 23586883@N00

They may or not have lived through the 1960s, but they are playing the greatest hits thereof. While there is the potential for this individual to be a quality musician, they usually need to expand their operation to include a dedicated guitarist, singer or someone else to fill both positions.


8. The One Man Band

Flickr: 10506540@N07

Hacked together drums and cowbells, a harmonica, maybe a ukulele, banjo or guitar... they are all there plus some individual with way too much free time trying to impress you with his or her abilities in engineering and music.

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