6 Restaurant Chains That Barely Exist Anymore

If culinary nostalgia is your thing, there’s still a chance that you can grab a bite at these restaurants. You might, however, have to take a bit of a trip.

1. Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips

Once having more than 500 locations, there are now just 11 Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips restaurants in the United States

2. Howard Johnson’s

There were once more than 600 HoJo’s locations nationwide, now there are but 2 still operating under the Howard Johnson’s Banner. One in Bangor, Maine and one in Lake Placid, New York.

3. Islay’s

Islay’s restaurants were once found all over Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio. The company was the originator of the Klondike Bar. There are now just three locations operating in three suburban Pittsburgh communities.

4. Newport Creamery

Once the unofficial restaurant of Rhode Island, there are now just 11 Newport Creamery locations left to serve you an Awful Awful

5. Roy Rogers

With once over 300 locations, Roy Rogers now has just 50 locations. Many of these are located in Service Plazas on toll highways in the Northeast

6. Sambo’s

Once having more than 1,000 locations, Sambo’s now only has just 1 location in Santa Barbara, California

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