27 Of The Best Things About Going On Vacation As A Kid

So many cars, so many airplanes, so many trains.

1. Pajamas in the airport? Not a problem when you are a kid!

Luca Chelsea / Splash News

No judgement for anyone under the age of 10!

2. You could always find time to visit a zoo

4. Even short trips to destinations nearby seemed like the best thing that ever happened

I’ve never been across the river… This is going to be fantastic.

5. Your luggage was fabulous

Totally useless, but it didn’t matter… you were traveling!

6. Speaking of which, somebody is always there to carry that luggage

Flickr: ct_barbarian / Creative Commons

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

7. Going to the airport was fun and entertaining

Moving walkways! Escalators! Trams! Planes!

What is this wonderland?

8. You could eat at the Hard Rock Cafe and not feel like you were corrupting your love of music

Flickr: meironke / Creative Commons

I don’t care that this is France, I want to see a shirt that Elvis wore a few times and eat some nachos.

9. Trains!

Seriously, trains are great!

10. Maybe you got to visit your grandparents


Grandparents rock!

11. There was always plenty of legroom

Photograph by Lars Plougmann / Flickr: criminalintent / Creative Commons

12. Matching outfits don’t seem bothersome

Jackson Lee/NPG.com

13. You could do the most touristy things and not feel self-conscious about it


14. Camping seemed like the fun option, not the budget option


15. Whatever the destination was, you were so excited

But you were especially excited if it was the happiest place on Earth

Shoutout to the Monorail!

16. Screaming babies are not a problem for you!

You are the screaming baby!

17. But… if you were good, the friendly Pilot would give you wings

And occasionally show off the cockpit.

18. The window seat was a gift from above!

Flickr: zoagli / Creative Commons

“This is your captain speaking… to our left and right are miles and miles of awesome!”

19. You could visit an art museum

And acting mature was only an option…

20. Walking into a hotel was like walking into your dreams

Flickr: a2gemma / Creative Commons

21. You are never traveling for business

Purpose of your trip? PLEASURE!!

22. There was always a Junior Park Ranger badge waiting for you.

Flickr: katerha / Creative Commons

23. There were all kinds of license plates for you to discover

Flickr: woodysworld1778 / Creative Commons

What’s with all these Alberta plates? Oh yeah! I’m in Alberta!!

24. Roadside attractions were not optional stops

Flickr: litandmore / Creative Commons

They were required stops. Where else are you going to see a museum of vacuum cleaners but here?

25. Hotel beds

26. Security seemed fun

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

If I could just please leave my shoes on… Maybe?

27. When you finally got home, you got to brag to all your friends


h/t to Greg Ray for a lot of these.

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