20 Strange Things Professional Sports Team Are Trying To Sell To You

Because you are not really a fan until you have an officially licensed zombie statuette.

1. Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Finger Wind-Up Toy

For a mere $6.95, you can have this lovely Pittsburgh Penguins wind up toy that even Miley Cyrus would envy.

2. DC United Thematic Gnome

Because nothing says I love soccer like a lawn gnome wearing an eagle head. Its yours for just $8.99 from DC United.

3. Miami Heat Disposable Camera

Want to take film pictures at the Miami Heat game? Do so in style with this $12 officially licensed option.

And, yes, apparently they do still make disposable cameras.

4. Toronto Maple Leafs 7” Plush Domo

In case you are a fan of hockey and NHK programming, the Toronto Maple Leafs have you covered for $12.95.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers Hangers

In the event you need branding on your hangers… The Los Angeles Dodgers have just what you need for only $14.99 per pack of three.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars Super Sled

Because nothing quite says I am a football fan from Florida like a sled. The Jacksonville Jaguars will send this your way in exchange for $19.19.

7. Boston Celtics Mini Mascot Pillow Pet

The Boston Celtics are selling this for just $19.95.

8. New York Knicks Resin Zombie Figurine

The perfect gift for any New York Knicks fan, and it’s only $19.95!

9. Chicago Blackhawks Frog Player Figurine

Because nothing says I’m a Chicago Blackhawks fan quite like a frog statue. It’s yours for $24.95

10. Boston Red Sox Youth Water Sport Swim Goggles

For when your child can’t jump in the pool without supporting the Boston Red Sox, there are these $24.99 swim goggles.

11. Indianapolis Colts Mickey Mouse Hugger

Apparently Mickey is a fan of both the Indianapolis Colts and blankets. I suppose this is a result of there being no NFL team in Los Angeles. $35.00

12. Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel Gameday Gold Skirt

Forget placing a napkin on your lap, just wear a towel skirt.

Available for $49.95 from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

13. Seattle Mariners Door Knocker

Let your friends know you’re a Seattle Mariners fan from the time they arrive at your front door for just $49.99.

14. Tampa Bay Rays Roller Shade

For the Tampa Bay Rays fan who has everything, here come branded window blinds starting at $84.99

15. Dallas Cowboys Lucchese Womens Official Cheerleader Boot

For the Dallas Cowboys fan who has everything, you can now own your own pair of Cowboy Boots — the same ones worn by the famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. If you have to ask the price, it’s probably too much.

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