18 Vintage Board Games You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Not fun for all ages.

1. Blacks & Whites


2. The Exciting Career Game for Boys

“What shall I be?”

Your options are doctor, astronaut, engineer, scientist, athlete or statesman.

3. The Exciting Game of Career Girls

“What shall I be?”

Your options are ballerina, actress, flight attendant, teacher, model or nurse.

4. Battleship

“America’s all time favorite game”

For ages 8 to adult.

(Look top right)

5. Feeley Meeley

“The game that gives you a FUNNY FEELING.”

For ages 5 to adult.

6. Ghettopoly

“Stolen property fencing game from Ghettopoly.com”

In fairness, this one isn’t vintage, but it is pretty terrible.

7. Lie Cheat & Steal

“The Game of Political Power”

8. The Mystery Date Game

“Girls — Be ready when your date calls at the door.”

For Girls 6 to 14.

9. BP Offshore Oil Strike

“An exciting board game for all the family.”

10. Pass-Out

“Frank Bresee’s Exciting Adult Game.”

11. Public Assistance

“Why bother working for a living when you can play this GREAT WELFARE GAME?”

12. Sealed with a Kiss Game

“The kiss-collecting game with a real kiss stamper for lip-stamping fun!”

For 2-4 girls, ages 9 & Up.

13. The Senior Prom Game

“All the thrills of a social season and a chance to be a… Prom Queen.”

14. The Sinking of the Titanic Game

“The game you play as the ship goes down… then face the peril of the open sea!”

15. Uranium Rush

“Your ‘Geiger Counter’ lights and buzzes your way to fun and fortune”

16. Wa-hoo

“For big-uns and young-uns from 6 to 106!”

17. What Shall I Wear?

“A fashion game for girls”

18. Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game

“Featuring electronic beat box microphone”

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