14 Reasons To Be Happy That Halloween Is Over

You’ve had your fun, Halloween, but bring on the turkey.

1. You’ve successfully bribed the neighborhood kids to not bother you for a year.

Walt Disney Animations / Via giphy.com

That’s the whole point, right?

2. You no longer have to feel outrage towards celebrities you would otherwise prefer to ignore.

NBC / Via thegrio.com

Which includes other random people and their potentially offensive costumes, too.

3. Costume photos will no longer bombard your Instagram and Facebook.

Now you’re only stuck with pictures of cats and food.

4. The controversy over the appropriate level of costume sexiness will be put to bed.

Until next year, at least.

5. And this GIF will go away for 11 months.

Sorry, Regina.

6. We can now collectively forget this ever happened.

MTV / Via buzzfeed.com

7. Anthony Weiner is no longer relevant.

You’ve had your fun, Carlos.

8. Starbucks Holiday Cups are coming. *Internal screaming*

And the Holiday Drinks. (I’m looking at you, Gingerbread Latte.)

9. You’re no longer stressed out about finding that perfect costume.

Win or lose, it doesn’t matter anymore.

10. All that leftover candy you didn’t hand out to trick-or-treaters… it’s all yours!


11. That friend of yours, the one who loves Halloween, he or she will shut up about it for a while.

NBC / Via giphy.com

At least until January.

12. Goodbye, candy corn.

Oh, how I loathe you.

13. The next few months are filled with sappy holiday movies, Oscar bait, and Thor: The Dark World.

Marvel Studios / Via giphy.com

Horror movie season is over, people! Let’s celebrate!

14. And most importantly, Thanksgiving is coming!

Disney / Via giphy.com

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