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15 Of The Most Insane Airbnb Rental Listings

Time to put in for some vacation time.

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1. "UNESCO Sea & Mountain View Studio 3"


The remote Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius may not be on the top of your bucket list, but maybe lounging out on this veranda all afternoon will change your mind. You have it and some inside space as well for $59.

2. "Igloo"


So you've booked a trip to Greenland, but you don't know where to stay... Well, if you are heading to Ilulissat, why not stay in one of these modular igloo structures located along the banks of a real-life fjord. It's there for you for $335.

3. "Tree House Shimla"


Have you ever wanted to live like the Swiss Family Robinson? This place, located outside Shimla, India, in the southern Himalayas, is for you. It's available for just $79/night.


4. "Unique Artist Mirrored House"


The perfect home for the narcissist in all of us, this suburban Pittsburgh home has an excellent kitchen and a whole host of additional amenities for $165/night.

5. "Amazing View - Moderne Apartment"


The next time you find yourself in northern Iceland with nowhere to stay, consider this remote home in the rural town of Akureyri. It's yours for $160/night.

6. "Nature Bungalow @ Elephant Camp"


As the title suggests, this bungalow, located outside of Chang Mai in northern Thailand, is surrounded by an elephant reserve, so you can live out all your childhood dreams of partying with elephants, and this lovely room is yours for just $40/night.

7. "Enchanted View Bed & Breakfast Inn"


Alaska is a marvelous place, but if just sitting on a cruise ship isn't for you, you can rent this home off Kachemak Bay in Homer for $117/night.

The view is included.


9. "Floating Home B&B in Yellowknife"


The capital of Canada's Northwest Territories, Yellowknife sits on the banks of Great Slave Lake. If you are more adventurous, you could shack up in the lake itself at this floating property for $139/night.

10. "Home Stay En Cusco Carlos Y Jackie"


If you are heading to the lovely city of Cusco, Peru, you could stay in a swanky hotel... or, for just $25, you can shack up in this place right off the Plaza de Armas.

Your move.

11. "B&B Accommodation in Isle of Man"


The Isle of Man, tucked between Ireland and Great Britain in the Irish Sea, is one of the few remaining dependencies of the British Crown. You can also stay in this lovely country estate if you choose.

12. "Tahiti from the Sky"


If you find yourself floating through the south seas, you may be compelled to make a pit stop in French Polynesia. If so, skip Club Med and, instead, head up to this home in the Punaauia heights.

Book your ticket now. There are no polar vortexes here.

13. "House Bye the Sognefjord"


Norway is one of the most fantastic places on Earth. What better way to experience the former viking lands than by shacking up next to the nation's largest fjord in this three-bedroom home?

I can't think of one. It's yours for just $125/night.

15. "Little Yellow Victorian B & B"


San Francisco is a pretty expensive place to stay, but why not crash in this Victorian charmer, just steps from Alamo Square, a special place for Full House fans everywhere.

And you can crash here for just $105/night.

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