13 Weird Things You Can Find In And Around Pittsburgh

Western Pennsylvania can be a pretty weird place.

1. The First Complete Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton

You can see this beast at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and the T-Rex isn’t the only dinosaur holotype they have.

3. A Chair Holding a Parking Spot

4. A Museum Devoted to the Big Mac

Yup, that’s right, a Big Mac Museum.

5. A Restaurant Serving Foods of Countries The United States is in Conflict With

It’s called Conflict Kitchen. The current menu is Cuban

6. The World’s Largest Furry Convention

Keith Srakocic / AP


7. A Restaurant Serving French Fries and Cole Slaw as Part of a Sandwich

It’s Called Primanti Brothers and it’s awesome.

8. The Robot Hall of Fame

R2-D2 is a member of the Original Class

10. The Largest Collection of Catholic Relics Outside of the Vatican

Saint Anthony’s Chapel

11. A Gothic-Style University Skyscraper

The University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning

12. Racing Pierogies

Mid-game entertainment with the Pittsburgh Pirates

13. A Racing Roller Coaster

Ride this wonderful ride at Kennywood Park

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