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13 Very Specific Instagrams That You Should Be Following

There's more to life than your friend's dog.

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1. @whereismymacandcheese / Via Instagram: @whereismymacandcheese

Here's an Instagram account, @whereismymacandcheese, that celebrates all of the best things in like and by that I mean macaroni and cheese and only macaroni and cheese.

2. @dronestagram / Via Instagram: @dronestagram

Every wonder what America's arsenal of sky robots has been up to lately? @dronestagram will keep you in the loop.

3. @museumstagram / Via Instagram: @museumstagram

Still planning your around the world trip? Well @museumstagram, which only shows pictures of museums from around the globe perhaps can help you out.

4. @cashcats / Via Instagram: @cashcats

If you like cats as well as money, than @cashcats, which features only pictures of cats alongside piles of money, is for you.

5. @saucepackets / Via Instagram: @saucepackets

Every time you get take out, you are assuredly left handling a stash of sauce packets, and they seem to have found a forever home with @saucepackets on Instagram.

6. @mascotss / Via Instagram: @mascotss

While certain sports are great on their own, @mascotss celebrates the perhaps unappreciated men and women in the furry suits that keep you coming back season after season.

7. @redpandanetwork / Via Instagram: @redpandanetwork

Everyone needs a little more red panda in their lives and @redpandanetwork is Instagram's one stop shop for all things red panda related.

8. @dinosaursart / Via Instagram: @dinosaursart

Are you tired of the same old bones when you fantasize about the mesozoic? Well, at @dinosaursart, they have all your favorite semi-realistic artistic interpretations of what life was like when dinosaurs ruled the planet.

9. @studebaker_packard / Via Instagram: @studebaker_packard

Everybody loves a classic Ford or Chevrolet, but if you are into the deeper cuts of vintage automotives, check out @studebaker_packard to see only Studebakers or Packards and their ephemera.

10. @phallicfood / Via Instagram: @phallicfood

@phallicfood is, yes, exactly what you think it is and you need to follow it right now.

11. @obama.crying / Via Instagram: @obama.crying

It's hard to get more specific than @obama.crying, which just continues to post the same image of the current United States president with the tracks of a tear on his cheek.

12. @heatonist / Via Instagram: @heatonist

If you are the kind of person that packs a spare bottle of hot sauce wherever you go, @heatonist can help you find some of the deeper cuts out there in the serrano circuit.

13. @thatjcrewginghamshirt / Via Instagram: @thatjcrewginghamshirt

It's the shirt that every guy you know wears out for drinks at least twice a month. Smart casual has met its match with @thatjcrewginghamshirt.

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