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10 Shows That Are Designed For Hate-Watching

Is it bad that so many of these are on The Learning Channel?

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9. Girls


Some people love Girls, and that's all well and good, but I propose that this show was actually designed specifically to be hate-watched, because it really has everything you need: dislikable characters, privilege, excess and good writing.


6. Fox & Friends


Morning news programing, whether Today, Good Morning, America, Morning Joe or the others always makes for some good old fashioned hate-watching while you are getting ready in the morning, but Fox & Friends is really something special for the hate-watching public.


2. The Newsroom


It's brash and in-your-face with it's preachiness at times and perfect fare for the media world to criticize as being unrealistic because everyone on the show is paid pretty well, thus making it unrealistic.

1. House Hunters


Truly the pinnacle of hate-watching fare, HGTV's House Hunters really is the tops. Also, it's probably not as real as you think.

Let me guess, you want the one with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, open concept and a little charm factor?

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