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    11 Reasons Why You Definitely Need John Thornton In Your Life

    John Thornton (played by Richard Armitage) is the dark, dashing hero of North and South. He’s basically better than Darcy.

    1. This is how he says hello


    That word you’re looking for is “omphhh”.

    2. He was already doing the 50 Shades thing back in 1851


    Oh go on then, if you must.

    3. He doesn’t do small talk


    We’ll go out on a limb and say she probably doesn’t want to talk about strikes.

    4. He’s modest


    Don’t worry, it’s the Victorian era. He can’t put on any James Blunt.

    5. He actually wants to meet your mother


    And you know his table manners would be impeccable.

    6. He’s into books…


    7. But he’s also a man of action


    8. He’ll never, ever go there



    9. He's charitable in an adorably awkward way


    The big softie.

    10. He’s heartbreaking and hot at exactly the same time


    Somebody hug the man.

    11. Just… this.


    Fancy spending some quality time with Mr Thornton this Valentine’s Day? You can catch the whole series of North and South on Drama, from 1pm.

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