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    • dpmaurer

      neither side of this debate seems to be aware of the other’s tenets (ie, creationists don’t have any real understanding of the science and evolutionists are shocked at what creationists believe). maybe the way forward, rather than each side talking down to the other, is a conversation where each side listens, so that you can address each other’s points in a calm, rational way. it doesn’t help for evolutionists to make creationists feel bad for being who they are, or for creationists to tell evolutionists that they are missing something just because the creationists believe it to be ‘true’. each side doesn’t hear a word that the other is saying, which i think boils down to this: (creationists) i need to believe in something, and religion makes me feel less lonely, powerless, and afraid. (evolutionists) i’ve outgrown the answers that satisfied me when i was 6, and talking down to people that i consider my intellectual inferiors makes me feel superior, when inside i’m just as lonely, powerless, and afraid as anyone else.

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