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  • Crazy Goat Climbing

    First i thought that some of them are photoshoped but then i found some YouTube clips about them and find very interesting facts. I can believe that live being can climb on some crazy rock and be in very risky situation. Crazy goats!!!

  • Walking Through Night Streets – Xavier Nuez

    It is better when you are sitting at home and watching these photos rather than be there and feel the horror and black side of these streets. Photos are edited (not real colors) but they are still outstanding. Thanks to Xavier Nuez you can enjoy in dark streets.

  • Bicycles All Around The World

    Photos of bicycles and bicycle moments from all around the world. Some of them are very happy and cool photos but there is some sad and strange moments, poor countries, and people trying to use their bicycles to avoid danger. There is even one photos where is bicycle under the water, so don’t miss this gallery.

  • Models That Seem To Have Come To Life

    Believe it or not but these are just models. First time when i saw them i thought: “Hm, what a great cars and houses”, but then i realize that are just models. Enjoy!

  • Movie Credits – Art Drawings

    Great story, great actors, great camera shots, what do you need more for an amazing movie? You need outstanding artist to draw you some credits photos. Now you can see how some of the best do that:

  • Crazy And Odd Names From Sport

    Bizarre and very strange names from sport. Did the parents turn on the brains when they give such a crazy names to their kids. What was the problem with them? Be careful when you are giving a name to your child.

  • Real And Serious Cowboys

    Great photos of cowboys (You can check beautiful cowgirls from last week). They look like gods on horses. Would you love to be cowboy just for one day (i think that was your dream from childhood)?

  • 2009 Best Animal Photos – MSNBC

    MSNBC really knows to pick some good photos and mixed them into one amazing gallery. This is one is about animals. See all the MSNBC winners for best animal photo contest 2009.

  • 2009 Best Sport Photos – MSNBC

    You had a chance to see bee Best Animal Photos (MSNBC) now it’s time for sport. Another outstanding and cool gallery that remind us on some cool stuff from 2009. MSNBC again succeeded to impress us. Enjoy!

  • Edited Sneakers – Creative Photos

    You don’t need to be some artist or some shoemaker to made something like this. Get some old shoes and turn on your creativity, and you can create a lot of interesting things. You can create cars, war weapons, animals, nature, tree and so on. These sneakers and photos are for Adidas commercial and campaign named “Adidas – All Day I Dream About Sneakers” by Chris Cork and Dimitri Kalagas.

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