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8 More Signs You're Obsessed With Your Dog

No doctor necessary, you know you're obsessed. Check out the first 8 Signs of obsession here

1. You have Skype sessions with your dog when you're away.


Pictures won't do it justice, you need to see and hear your dog.

2. When you board your dog, you continually check the webcam or updates to make sure everything is ok.


Screw the kids, how is my dog doing????

3. You have chewed up a piece of food that you thought might be too rough for your dog, so it's easier for them to eat.


I (Doug the Dog Guy) knew my obsession was serious after I did these for my dogs...but the broccoli was raw!

4. You don't mind the dog hair, in fact, you like having some on you when in public to remind you of your pooch.

No shame in that.

5. You refer to your dog as your child/kid/furbaby


The list goes on.

6. When someone doesn't like dogs, you don't like them.


Guilty, guilty as charged.

7. You drink out of a mug with your dog on it.


Not only do you need to be around your dog, when you drink your coffee you need to see them on the mug.

8. You get offended if your dog doesn't want to give you kisses.


The rejection just hurts.

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