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    Posted on Sep 21, 2016

    28 Things No One Ever Tells You About Liverpool

    From a gesture tech amphitheatre to dreadful Napoleonic dentures, we really do have it all.

    1. One of our best 360˚ views is 500ft above sea level.

    2. And the outlook from the tea rooms isn’t bad either.

    3. We have a gesture tech ampitheatre.

    4. You can skate in the UK's first glow-in-the-dark wheels park.

    5. You can chill out in a hidden oriental oasis.

    6. Or at any one of our other 27 green spaces.

    7. You can drink an espresso stout in the Baltic Triangle.

    8. Then stick around, because the whole area is amazing.

    9. You can even study at a robotics and coding school.

    10. We invented your new social network -- for VR.

    11. You can read a book worth £5 million.

    12. Or sail and birdwatch near the airport.

    13. You can descend into the Mad Mole’s lost tunnels.

    14. Or into a purple crypt.

    15. Or into the creek that gave Liverpool its name, underneath a shopping centre.

    16. You can also visit Churchill’s bomb-proof bunker.

    17. We officially have the best pizza in England.

    18. We have some very curious pubs and bars, too.

    19. Including Europe’s first baijiu bar.

    20. There's even one where Hitler had a pint.

    21. We have a tiny, hand-built cinema.

    22. We’ve got alternative gifts covered.

    23. And we've been flogging rare vinyl since 1947.

    24. We have a café that sells beetroot-flavoured bagels.

    25. You can hang out with a Superlambanana.

    26. Or take a ride on Peter Blake’s Dazzle Ferry.

    27. You can hang out with hundreds of Antony Gormleys at the beach.

    28. Or, if that isn't eerie enough, you could always visit a grim (and rare) collection of teeth.

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