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    Guy Completes Dare And Gets $2,000

    The Double Dog app allows users to send and receive real money dares. Find out how you can play along for cash and glory!

    There is a new app called Double Dog that allows users to send and receive real money dares. Many users have been comparing it to the movie Nerve that is coming out on July 27th, 2016.

    The main difference is that Double Dog users dare one another, as opposed to receiving dares from a central system like the online game in the movie. Users can play for real money or for points. You receive a dare and then send a video as proof. Users have treated it as a gamified version of Snapchat where you can actually get paid and show off what you're doing.

    According to the Double Dog team, one of their users just won $2,000 in a dare.

    This is how it went down:

    David sent one of the founders a dare for $1,000.

    The dare?

    "Get a permanent black and/or coral ink tattoo of the double dog logo, 1.5x1.5 inches on the side of your torso. Video proof must include final tattoo and tattoo gun."

    The founder could do the dare for $1,000 or double dare David to get the tattoo himself for twice the money ($2,000). The choice wasn't easy according to the founder, but ultimately he double dared back to see if David had the nerve to do it.

    That same day, David went to a tattoo parlor to complete his own challenge.

    David submitted video proof though the app and won $2,000.

    "I'm proud to wear the Double Dog logo on my body," said David. "Double Dog will be the next big app and I am proud to be one of the first users, plus I got $2,000. I couldn't ask for a better deal."

    The founder was also happy with the transaction. According to a statement previously released, he said that "if you knew David, you'd know the amount of exposure that his torso gets; so, overall, a great place for a company logo."

    To find out how to play along, visit!

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