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What Life Would Be Like If A "Word Flu" Took Hold

Ever wondered what life would be like if technology took over and we lost our language? We took to Twitter to recreate The Word Exchange and find out.

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The Random House Offices in Midtown Manhattan were the first to see the signs.

Just noticed this sign on the way to the office. Seems a bit odd, right?

— Doubleday (@doubledaypub) April 8, 2014

Wordsmiths unite; it looks like another sign has gone rogue (this time inside @RandomHouse). Shouldn't it say "pull"?

— Doubleday (@doubledaypub) April 8, 2014

The books were the first to catch the flu...

I'm starting to think these are more than just typos (no editors would let this fly).

— Doubleday (@doubledaypub) April 8, 2014

@doubledaypub So odd. I've noticed the same thing...

— Hogarth Books (@HogarthBooks) April 8, 2014

Hey @doubledaypub--the #wordflu is spreading to our floor! Now Gone Girl is just...Gone. #spooky

— Crown Publishing (@CrownPublishing) April 8, 2014

Ok, this word flu thing seems to have hit Knopf too. What's going on @doubledaypub? @bjnovak

— Alfred A. Knopf (@AAKnopf) April 8, 2014

Sh*t, @ayeletw is going to kill us! Something really strange happened to her book jacket. @doubledaypub?

— Alfred A. Knopf (@AAKnopf) April 8, 2014

Uh oh... Francesca Marciano is in the office, and her book seems to be acting up @doubledaypub

— Pantheon Books (@PantheonBooks) April 8, 2014

And the people took note.

I guess I work at a place called Dom House, now? MT @doubledaypub Went out for coffee & the lobby looked like this.

— Logan Balestrino (@LoganPayge) April 8, 2014

@LoganPayge @doubledaypub Wait. What?! I am now intrigued and disconcerted. #whereareyouRAN? #lifeinpublishing

— Leah Sims (@leahgsims) April 8, 2014

@doubledaypub Clearly some form of subterfuge.

— Maria Celis (@mariacelis) April 8, 2014


— Diego Ibarra (@GreatStuffDiego) April 8, 2014

And then came the diagnosis...

Our kitchen is stocked with blue pills that say "word flu" on them. Feeling feverish...

— Doubleday (@doubledaypub) April 8, 2014

Went to make a call and this happened. Is this a joke? What is this #WordFlu?

— Doubleday (@doubledaypub) April 8, 2014

From what I gather, there's officially something called a 'word flu' hitting major cities. Anyone have any updates? #WordFlu

— Doubleday (@doubledaypub) April 8, 2014

Company wide email: "Stop the spread of word flu: 1. Don't take calls from Strangers 2. Carry earplugs 3. When in doubt, write it out."

— Doubleday (@doubledaypub) April 8, 2014

And, the cure:

Save yourselves, read it while you can: #TheWordExchange

— Doubleday (@doubledaypub) April 8, 2014