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Terry Pratchett's Latest Comes To Life With Magical Foldables

To celebrate Terry Pratchett's US premier and the release of Raising Steam, you can download and build these foldables (for free). Who knew paper and scissors could transport you to Discworld?

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Dick Simnel


From a long line of failed (dead) engineers, Dick is the creator of the steam engine and the only man from Discworld to harness the power of steam without blowing himself up in the process. Download Dick here

Moist Von Lipwig


Heroic in actions but not in name, Moist is charged with paving the way for the railroad's expansion through Discworld. Failure is certainly an option, though it comes hand-in-hand with a swift and painful execution. Download Moist Here

Harry King


A shrewd, jolly, moral man whose wealth is–almost–as vast as his heart. He's the first investor Dick approaches with his locomotive, and quickly decides to bankroll the entire venture. Download Harry Here

Iron Girder


Discworld's first locomotive, created by Dick Simnel and brought to life with the power of steam. She may be made of iron, but those who've seen her swear there is something alive under all that metal... Download the Iron Grinder here

Adora Belle


Happily married to Moist–most likely because they hardly ever see each other. She spends her days running the Grand Trunk and spying on Moist's travels through the clacks towers. Download Adora Belle Here