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    17 Reasons Why Fall Was Made For Reading

    Snuggle up, hop in a pile of leaves and crack open a new book.

    1. You can do this...

    Seriously, Snuggie season leaves your hands free for books AND snacks.

    2. That down comforter and bedside table of books are calling your name.

    3. But you still have the option to read outside


    HELLLLLO, foliage!

    4. Fall wardrobe options were made for book nerds.


    Scarves and boots go great with glasses, it's a fact.

    5. Seriously, the 'it' bags for fall are perfect for carrying books.

    6. Nothing goes better together than a pumpkin coffee and a good book.


    Seriously. NOTHING.

    7. And the baked goods, OH THE BAKED GOODS!

    8. You can dress like your favorite fictional character for Halloween!

    9. Or you can dress like them every day...


    Hey, Holden.

    10. Rainy, cold days = no guilt in staying inside

    11. Reading is comfortable because it's no longer "too hot to do ANYTHING"


    C'mon. That's totally a thing! It was, like, a million degrees this summer, you totally sweat on your book pages...

    12. And with the heat waves over, your cat is ready to snuggle with you again.


    Fluffy, we missed you.

    13. It's like the "blockbuster" season for books!

    14. Everyone's done with summer vacationing; BOOK CLUB IS BACK!

    15. Four Words: Reading By A Fireplace


    16. Hitting the couch to watch football on Sundays.


    Psych!... we're reading.

    17. Reading: just feels so good this time of year.

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