11 Ways To Survive Thanksgiving At Home

Terrified of those awkward conversations with your weird cousin or the constant dinner table questioning from grandparents? Jane Isay, author of Secrets and Lies is here to tell you how you can keep your cool this turkey day.

1. Rent a car.

If you can afford it, a long drive will calm you when you are about to blow up at your sister.

2. Remember that sense of humor.

Put on a smile as you eat the overcooked green beans you hate. This could be fodder for your great memoir, standup comedy gig, blockbuster movie.

3. Forgive Aunt Tilly

She can’t help asking what you’re majoring in, even though you’re 5 years out of college.

4. 4.There’s only one alpha in the kitchen…

…and her name is spelled MOM. Even if you’re a chef, on Thanksgiving chop onions and scrub pots.

5. Don’t talk turkey with them.

The Thanksgiving table isn’t the best place to come out, to tell them you’re dropping out, or to announce your engagement to your partner that they’ve never met.

6. Don’t revert!

If you find yourself reacting like a child again, don’t blame yourself. Blame the smells of the food. Our lizard brain responds that way to aromas.

7. Do your laundry (or, act like a real adult)

If you want to be treated like an adult, don’t bring your dirty laundry home.

8. Reward yourself

Consider yourself a hero is you can last four days without losing it.

9. Use your resources

Feed the horrible mashed potatoes to the dog, he’ll love ‘em. Man’s best friend isn’t around? Stuff the glob into a napkin and make a run for the bathroom.

10. Meditation.

Understand that the tense shoulders you develop on the drive home will relax on the ride back.

11. Or, Wine.

because, you know, wine…

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