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College Realities: As Told By Disney

So college.

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1. Going home for Thanksgiving makes your family think you've been starving

You hoard leftovers like it's your job

2. Walking on campus in the winter and they haven't put salt down

3. People who don't understand how to walk


4. Meeting a cute guy at a party and trying to play it cool

"Act natural....wait that girl is moving in. Make a hole people!"

5. Realizing the weekend drinking might be showing itself

"No. No no no."

6. Which leads to forcing yourself to workout

"It WAS my New Year's resolution..."

7. Thinking you can handle an 8 a.m. class

8. Proving your annoying professor wrong in the middle of class.

9. Living in the dorms for the first few years

Suddenly you understand how the whales at Sea World feel

10. Ordering pizza at the library because there's no way you're leaving any time soon

11. Balancing your homework with your extracurriculars

"I could probably shower between 7:02 and 7:06 p.m. I think?"

12. When someone suggests pizza while you're drunk

13. When your friends leave you for the weekend

Somehow they all choose the same weekend too. WTF GUYS

14. Getting ready to give a presentation to your large lecture

15. Waking up to the roommate that took care of your drunk self last night

16. When your laptop suddenly decides to have a meltdown

17. When your professor allows you to work with a friend for a project

18. That ONE kid who asks a question with three minutes left in class

No. Go home.

19. Seeing the bathroom you need to use at a random frat party.

20. Getting near graduation and realizing you still have NO idea what you're doing

21. Trying to nap and your roommates are suddenly the loudest human beings on Earth

22. Realizing you have $20 in your account

"Mcdonald's on me tonight guys!"

But be honest, you're having the greatest time of your life.

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