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    Updated Jan 12, 2015

    21 Things We Think We Learned From The New "House Of Cards" Trailer

    Not much is known about the upcoming season of House of Cards, so we decided to take some guesses based on the very dramatic first trailer.

    1. Frank looks a little stressed out.

    2. Maybe it's because Gavin is working with the FBI.

    3. Or because he's still haunted by Zoe.

    Or is it Doug? (Thanks, Facebook commenters!)

    4. Frank's got no time for ghosts. He's running for re-election and courting the rural white vote.

    5. But there's a problem.

    6. Some kind of military crisis.

    7. And it looks bad.

    8. There are dead U.S. soldiers.

    9. Frank is definitely stressing.

    10. Maybe it's all related to these hipsters protesting someone name Petrov.

    11. Who is probably the Russian leader.

    12. The guy is basically Putin...

    (Played by Mads Mikkelsen's brother Lars.)

    13. ....and he's just as macho.

    14. Poor Frank.

    15. Claire doesn't seem to be fairing much better.

    16. She's still running from something.

    17. And she's testifying in front of a Senate committee.

    That's rarely a good thing.

    18. Oh, and she might have killed someone.

    Maybe she's just tired.

    Nah, she probably killed someone.

    19. I mean.

    20. And Frank is hella stressing.

    21. Just remember:

    In Frank we trust.

    Watch the trailer for House of Cards Season 3 below:

    View this video on YouTube

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