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What It Feels Like To Have A Good Bulge Day

It’s like a good day, but EVEN BETTER.

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Every once in a very long while, you wake up in the morning, get dressed, and all of a sudden something comes over you.


You look in the mirror, and everything’s the same, yet nothing’s the same.

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Because your bulge — no matter how big or small…

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...looks and feels incredible.

New Line Cinema

It's a little fuller than usual.

A little pokier.

Like it's become invested with special powers.

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And it gives you an extra spring in your step.


It almost seems to have taken on a life of its own.

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You go about your day as usual, but deep down you just want everyone to know it's glory.


But really, this GBD is not about anyone else — just you.

And absolute best thing is when one (or more!) of your friends is having a GBD as well.


You can totally pretend to be modest.

But you know the truth.

So, happy good bulge day to you, sir! You’ve earned it.

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