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The Many Meanings Of "Ungghkh"

The Washington Post's Gene Weingarten tweeted "Ungghkh" to describe the response from staff when it was announced that the paper had been sold to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. But what does it mean?

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Here's what Weingarten tweeted moments after the news broke on Twitter.

Twitter was probably all like, "Ohh yeaaah, I know what that means." But did they?

Let's take a look and see what "Ungghkh" means to the Twitter translator.


Being a description of a collective response, "Ungghkh" could also mean, well, this.

And this.

Definitely a lot of this.

You know there was one guy who was all...

Some of this, possibly.

Maybe even a dash of this.

When you it all up and you've got, "Ungghkh."

Thanks for the cool, unpronouncable new word, Gene!

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