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For Everyone Who Despises The Ukulele

Seriously, enough is enough.

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1. Preach.

Ima just go ahead and say it. Fuck the Ukulele

2. Couldn't have said it better myself.

3. Nailed it!

My least favorite instrument is the ukulele. It's like a banjo, but it sucks.


4. Cover your ears.

5. Ditto.

The thing about the ukulele is I really hate the ukulele.

6. Woof.

7. Should be against the law.

Who in the fuck gave this girl outside my dorm a ukulele and a microphone


8. WTF?!

To the person playing ukulele in the hot tub... SHUT THE FUCK UP I DONT WANT TO HEAR THIS RIGHT NOW

9. School is hard enough as is.

Can someone please tell me why the fuck this kid walks around with a ukulele? #YouAnnoyMe

10. What the hell is the matter with this school's hallway monitor?

Why the fuck is there a kid walking round school playing the ukulele?


11. And you thought high school was bad.

the ukulele is the worst instrument a college freshman can learn to play. why not spend your time meeting people or studying? #annoying

12. Just no.

13. Time to move out.

My sister getting a ukulele is the worst thing that has ever happened to me

14. A question for the ages.

Why the fuck do you have a ukulele.🎸


15. Me too.

if you play a ukulele get the fuck away from me

16. How many of us have said these exact words?

I hate the ukulele so much like holy shit stop

17. R.I.P.

I honestly hate the ukulele. It's my least favorite instrument. Ukulele covers make me wanna die.


18. Seriously, why?

19. Truth.

I have two words for you to express why I hate the ukulele Ukulele orchestra

20. Surprise! It gets worse.

sometimes I even surprise myself with how much I hate the ukulele.

21. This cat is all of us.


22. Think of the poor bastards who work there.

I don't hate the food at McDonalds, I hate the ukulele covers of Beatles songs they're playing.

23. Mic drop.

I'm sorry but fuck your goddamned ukulele. It's not entirely your fault but you gotta know by now that enough is enough