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    • dorim2

      I’m a liberal, but NOT a racist, I don’t watch the beauty Pageant as I see them as degradation to women, MEN just pick the most beautiful, thinnest, smartest, and the one wearing the tiniest “swimsuit.” I have NEVER seen a Miss America that was over weight, so but I believe in the old saying “TRUE beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
      If you go back when America was first settled there were Red people here called INDIANS, white people are NOT true Americans it’s the INDIANS (Red skins).
      If she was born and raised in the U.S. BUT her forefathers are from India, just like a LOT of white people their forefathers are from different parts of the world. My forefathers are from France, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, and the Netherlands; does that NOT make me an American? Just because ones skin is a different color than someone else doesn’t make them NON-American. An American is NOT the size a person wears, the color of their skin, nor where their forefathers were born, it’s where the person themselves are born.
      So if you are going to say that a certain woman can’t be Miss America because her forefathers were born else where, then have it on the application that one TRUE Americans (Indians) can run for Miss America.
      Like I said I am NOT a racist, but I am a liberal ( boy my parents are rolling in their graves about that too) ! Just a little liberal humor there. lol

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