15 Ebony Magazine Covers That Will Transport You To Simpler Times

    A view of pop-culture history through the eyes of black America.

    1. November 1947: Introducing the iconic and multifaceted Lena Horne.

    2. July 1949: Billie Holiday declares she is rehabilitated.

    3. June 1962: An intimate look at Dorothy Dandridge prior to her death.

    4. November 1962: Remembering Booker T. Washington and praising Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    5. June 1965: The Supremes at the height of their career.

    6. January 1967: Nichelle Nichols paved the way for black women in television.

    7. May 1971: Tina and Ike Turner.

    8. November 1974: Marvin Gaye makes a comeback.

    9. December 1983: Vanessa Williams, the first black Miss America.

    10. May 1984: Michael Jackson on top of the world.

    11. February 1986: The Cosby Show changes the face of the American parent.

    12. March 1987: Oprah Winfrey secures her spot in talk show history.

    13. May 1991: Whitney Houston on the rise.

    14. November 1991: Michael Jordan's first retirement.

    15. May 1999: Lauryn Hill becomes a superstar.