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11 Things You Need To Know Before Entering The Real World

I wish someone had told me all this stuff before I graduated college — because then I probably wouldn't have freaked out so much.

1. Return Your Cap And Gown (And Your Library Books) Before You Leave Campus

2. Don't Throw Out Your Student I.D.

3. Make Your Own Lunch

4. Use Your Commuting Time Wisely

5. Hangovers Will Get A Lot Harder To Deal With

6. Keep Track Of All Your Tax Stuff

7. Use Your Credit Card (Wisely)

8. Go Back To Band Camp (Or Keep Playing Soccer, Or Doing Indian Classical Dance, Or Whatever)

9. Sex Gets Better

10. Don't Freak Out If Everything Doesn't Happen Right Away

11. But Also Don't Freak Out If You Never Graduate College In The First Place

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As one of my friends put it: "I wish someone had told me to drop out sooner than I did b/c college isn't for everyone and I'd save myself a ton of debt and end up with a job I love anyway."

Thanks to Katie H., Katie N., Mary, Carolyn, Donna, John, Jack, Anna, Ryan, Cates, Lauren, Danielle, Liz, Leda, Erica, and Niharika for their awesome suggestions.