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9 Ways To (Inadvertently) Scare Your Loved Ones While Traveling

Traveling while you are young is all about finding yourself, having adventures, and pushing yourself to try new things. Naturally, you'll make dubious decisions that will make your parents bemoan ever letting you leave the house.

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1. Go Cliff Jumping


Everyone loves the high dive at their local pool, right? Well, how could you possibly make that better? Maybe by more than tripling the height and adding sharp dangerous rocks. After all, if that guy can almost pull it off, well, you should be able to as well... No pressure.

2. Accepting A Stranger's Dinner Invitation


Eating with locals is a great way to absorb the food, as well as the culture, of the place you're visiting. If you're lucky and charming enough, you may just have the chance to enjoy a real slice of life wherever you find yourself.

3. Live Off Of Street Food


Sure, people may warn you of the dangers of street food: parasites, unsanitary conditions, questionable freshness... But hey! If it wasn't good, why would there be so much? Supply and demand, people!

4. Take Overnight Buses Or Trains


You never quite know who you'll meet on long distance trains or buses... Still, no paying for hotel rooms! Just be sure you don't get off at any sketchy stops and you keep all your valuables with you.

5. Make Yourself Unreachable


Do you really want to spend your entire vacation messing around getting in touch with people back home? Come on! You're traveling... Just ditch your phone and laptop in your bag and focus on where you are.

6. Drink The Local Alcohol Like A Local


Whether you're backpacking through Europe ("there's absinthe in the Czech Republic?"), shuffling through Asia ("I can out drink a Korean!"), or even road tripping through the US ("What else is there to do but drink in Wisconsin?"), people love and respect their alcohol. So, don't be a n00b and drink like the locals do. It'll earn you brownie points.

Be wary of New Jersey, though.

8. Crowd As Many People As Possible Into A Hotel Room


Road tripping with friends? Got a tight budget? You know there will come a time when you will try and squeeze as many of your friends into a single motel room with you to split the costs. After three nights of this, you'll wish they were all dead.

9. Go Hitchhiking


Hitchhiking was never known to be the safest way to travel. But hey! Do you want to save money or not during your trip? Besides, you'll (probably) end up with some amazing stories (if you make it back).


So, when you finally return home from your travels to wherever - and you get bombarded with questions as to why no one has heard from you in weeks - at least you can say to yourself:

What do you think? Is there anything else you do while traveling that scares your loved ones? What are your craziest stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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