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11 Latinx Readers Share Their Favorite Food Memories

"Then they told us we just ate tacos de lengua (cow tongue)."

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite food memories, and here are their touching stories:

1. "Every Christmas my mom would make these cookies with guava or cherries or even sprinkles..."

2. "My grandma would be making homemade tortillas on the counter..."

3. "Weekend mornings with the family were made of this."

4. "We would sit with my grandma and prepare everything while she told us stories."

5. "It didn’t matter what happened during the weekend, we would always make time to eat pupusas together..."

6. "Then they told us we just ate tacos de lengua (cow tongue)."

7. "I always knew that regardless of how good or bad the candy haul was, there was always a warm bowl of pozole waiting for me after trick-or-treating."

8. "It was the only time we would all eat together as a family..."

9. "I lost my dad a year tomorrow and one memory I treasure with him is making dulce de leche in the can..."

10. "We all helped make the queso in the middle of the table..."

11. "I remember on Christmas my abuela and I made delicious chicken and cheese tamales."

Food is the glue in our culture, and it often solidifies those warm moments we share with our loved ones. Savor those moments, and head over to DoorDash to find your family's favorite restaurant.

All images courtesy of Getty Images.