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Latinx Readers, Tell Us About Your Favorite Food Memories

If there's one thing that brings our culture together, it's food.

We love the way food looks back at us when we're hungry.

And we love the significant moments it brings.

Our memory banks are filled with special moments surrounding food. Whether it was sprinting into the kitchen during the holiday season for your family's tamalada...

...Eating french fries with your best friends on the way back from a concert...

...Or eating pescado frito at the beach on a family vacation...

...Delicious, mouthwatering food is usually the glue to our culture. Not only does a shared meal bond us to the people around us, but through a bite, it gives us an opportunity to revisit some of the notable moments in our lives.

So, we want to know; what are some of your favorite, most unforgettable food memories?

Tell us how you've been able to connect with your loved ones over tasty, flavorful foods.

Describe those memorable moments in the comments below, and they may appear in a future BuzzFeed post!