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33 Things You'll Remember From Your Childhood In Inverness

From "right enuf" to "rubber bumpers".

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1. The best cinema in town will always be the La Scala.

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The La Scala, on Strothers Lane, was a beautiful traditional cinema which opened in 1913. In 1996 it held the world premiere of Loch Ness featuring Ted Danson, before tragically shutting its doors for good in 2001.

4. I mean, where else could you get a Zapp lolly?

5. Of course, you'd always sail across the infamous boating pond straight afterwards.

The highlight was invariably dropping your oar and getting stranded.

6. Summers were for exploring the enchanting Ness Islands.

The Ness Islands are a collection of small, interconnected islands in the middle of the River Ness, connected by charming Victorian footbridges.

7. And embracing the local folklore.

8. You'll never forget this headline.

8 February 2000 was permanently marked down in Highland history.


9. Even without flumes, these were the greatest swimming baths.


Since it opened in 1936, every Invernessian child learned to swim in the wee pool with Nessie at the Glebe Street Baths, before it closed in 1999.

10. Your weekends were spent getting lost in the Market.

Built in 1890, Inverness Victorian Market is a wanderer's delight, every nook and cranny filled with independent retailers.


13. It wasn't Christmas until you watched the panto here.

The annual family trip to Eden Court Theatre filled you with glee.

15. We all had at least one school trip to Urquhart Castle.

Founded in the 13th century, Urquhart Castle played a significant role in the Wars of Scottish Independence.

16. And another to Culloden Battlefield.

But realistically, when you were just a bairn this looked like nothing more than an untended field.


17. Many school holidays were spent wandering the Floral Hall.


18. On the rare occassion it was "roasteen", the car was packed for Rosemarkie Beach.

Where you scoured the rock pools for beasties.

20. You grew up knowing all the street names in English and Gaelic.

Ceud mile failte!


21. And were terrified of driving over the Kessock Bridge on a windy day.

We all knew someone who knew someone who had apparently been blown off.

22. All the popular kids hung out at Market Brae steps, before upgrading to Falcon Square.

Where the local unicorn stands watch.

24. Before growing up and squeezing into The Market Bar.

A local institution, this tiny hidden gem hosts some of the best live music in Inverness.


25. You always managed to hit Hoots before the curfew.

From 2003 to 2012, all Invernessians had to make a Cinderella-style dash to the latest-opening pubs, before being locked out at midnight.

26. This was your second-to-last stop on a night out.

Max's 2 on Lombard Street.

27. For a macaroni pie supper.

28. Before culminating at the Town House.

Where the taxi queue was murder.


29. Castle St Restaurant did the best food.

And every 15-year-old in Inverness worked here as a rite of passage.

30. And we're all fond of a tattie pie.

Aye, that's right: a pie full of tatties. What more could you want?

32. And we all grew up at Belladrum.

From The Proclaimers to Tom Jones, The Tartan Heart Festival is the best weekend of the year in Inverness.

33. But most of all, you know that Inverness isn't called the capital of the Highlands for nothing.

There's nowhere else quite like it.