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19 Signs You're A True Highlander

Just don’t say the word Teuchter.

1. You've spent all your lunch money on a Dream Ring from Harry Gow’s.

2. You've marveled in wonder at the rotting socks at a Clootie Well.

Via Flickr: elainemacintyre / Creative Commons

There are multiple sites throughout the Highlands, and they were once thought to hold the power to cure the sick. But as a kid you just visited them for the dirty socks hanging from the trees.

3. You've tested your nerves on the Tree Top Trail.

4. You've been transfixed by the big clock in Eastgate Shopping Centre.

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Aaron Ramsey / Via

A trip to Inverness wasn't complete until you watched the monkey climb the tree and chime the bell.

5. You rode the miniature railway at Whin Park.

Donna Mackay / BuzzFeed

At 50p a go, the Ness Islands Rail was a bargain.

6. You've spent a lot of time spotting local wildlife.

Via Flickr: swan-scot / Creative Commons

The Highlands are renowned for their diverse and wonderful wildlife. From wildcats to capercaillies, and the local blue hippos, we've got it all.

7. You've been on a school trip to Waltzing Waters.

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Michael Przystawik / Via

At the time, enjoying a show where jets of water lit by coloured lights moved to music didn't seem all that strange.

8. You know exactly where the "Soldier's Head" is located.

Via Twitter: @HI_Voices

A trip down the A9 wasn't complete without attempting to spot the Soldier's Head rock formation in the hillside.

9. You've been to visit the Fairy Glen.

Via Flickr: bobhall106 / Creative Commons

Don't be ridiculous, there aren't real Fairies here. Well, you know that now, right?

10. Whenever there was a hint of sun, you headed to Bellfield Park.

11. And if it got really tropical, you'd head to Nairn Beach.

Via Flickr: 51331471@N03 / Creative Commons

Forget the Med, Nairn beach had everything from crazy golf to a bandstand.

12. You know all the lyrics to "Shove Yer Granny".

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Singing Kettletv / Via

Every Highlander's formative years involved learning the lyrics to this Singing Kettle banger, while dancing down the aisles of Eden Court Theatre.

13. You've jumped up and down on the "Wobbly Bridge".

Via Flickr: spoiltpig

And you know that no real Highlander calls it the Greig Street Bridge.

14. Your summers were defined by farm shows.

Via Flickr: 55919472@N00 / Creative Commons

From Moy to The Black Isle Show, summer revolved around them. Where else could you check out the latest John Deere, watch a parade of Highland Cows and ride "the shows", all in one place?

15. And the Highland Games.

Via Flickr: auremims / Creative Commons

From tossing the caber to watching your dad compete in the tug-o-war, the games were an annual showcase of Scottish history and prowess.

16. You've fed reindeer in the Cairngorms.

Via Flickr: stepram / Creative Commons

17. You know every artifact in Inverness Museum.

Via Flickr: hesim / Creative Commons

Many a dreich rainy weekend was spent traipsing the museum. The highlight, of course, was greeting Felicity the puma.

18. You've taken on Nessie, and survived.

Via Flickr: k9 / Creative Commons

Riding the near vertical drop flume in the Inverness Aquadome was basically a rite of passage for every Highland child.

19. You've dolphin watched on the Moray Firth.

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Our resident colony of Bottlenose Dolphins, who are best spotted in the Black Isle and Chanonry Point, are world renowned.

From the heather-clad hills, to the pristine lochs, there really is no place quite like home.

Via Flickr: conner395 / Creative Commons

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