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Posted on Jan 2, 2013

Why Four Day Weekends Are Secretly Awful

Much less two in a row! Happy 2013! Welcome back to the grind.

When you realize you have to go back to work today.

When you finish getting ready and are still not awake.

When you're trying to commute to the office.

When you have to wait in line for the elevator.

When you see your co-workers for the first time in two weeks because they all went on vacation.

When you sit down at your desk.

When your desk is full of work you said you'd finish "after the holidays".

When your perky co-worker talks about how happy they are to be back in the office.

When your co-worker talks non-stop about their ten day Caribbean holiday vacation.

When you tell yourself you're going to be productive this week.

When you give up on productivity because it's a three day week.

When you realize Memorial Day weekend is five months away.

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