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Where Is Jimmy Olsen In The New Man Of Steel" Movie?

Jenny Olsen is dead, long live Jimmy Olsen? Eagle-eyed Man of Steel fans noticed something amiss with Jenny Olsen's name tag.

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For months fans have believed this woman to be Jenny Olsen.

Image Courtesy Of Warner Bros.

Mostly based on the fact that's how the Man of Steel IMDB page labeled her. Debate centered on whether she was related to Jimmy or a gender-bent version of him.

That theory may now be dead thanks to high-res images from Warner Bros. ENHANCE!

Image Courtesy Of Warner Bros.

From the still, Rebecca Buller appears to be playing Jenny Jurwich, Assistant. As of this posting however, her character is still listed as Jenny Olsen and redirects to IMDB's page of actors who have played Jimmy Olsen.

If this isn't an intentional misdirection or mistaken prop malfunction, where is Jimmy? ENHANCE!

Image Courtesy Of Warner Bros.

Could this background hipster be him? Ginger? Check. Nerdy? Check. Photographer? Unknown.

Hat tip to Comic Book Movie.