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    15 Ways To Blend In According To "Star Trek" Aliens

    Humans are suspicious but easy to trick! Make sure you follow these tips to have a hassle-free time traveling experience.

    1. Invest in some quality hats. Humans love hats.

    2. Knitting is a logical, orderly hobby to help augment your hat collection.

    3. Consider a dapper fedora. Humans will be dazzled into overlooking your exposed ears.

    4. If you leave home without a hat, a hasty cowl* will suffice.

    *Deflect any and all invitations to lead a human cult.

    5. WARNING: Only use this hat if trapped in Germany or occupied territories between 1939-1945!

    6. When time traveling to the 1980s, a headband* says "I know of Flash Dance and love this human fashion phenomenon!"

    *Note: Also wearing a robe reminiscent of a Jedi Knight may send a mixed message and out you as an alien.

    7. Or just style your hair to cover your ears. Voilà! Instant hottie disguise.

    8. For the forehead challenged, a Stetson is a go-to fashion accessory.

    9. A medieval hoodie has the added bonus of keeping the chill out.

    10. For the single Klingon looking for love, the pimp hat is a universal human mating signal.

    11. While not the most fashionable, the "broken nose" ruse is effective and earns respect/sympathy from humans.

    12. Invest in a travel tube of body paint to cover up telltale spots of a Trill native in case of emergency time travel.

    13. Androids may use facial hair to draw attention away from their deathly pallor.

    14. Facial hair combined with the classic hat can be a perfect* solution to many human interactions!

    *Be mindful of human cultures and try not to make Data's beginner appropriation mistake.

    15. Of course, when in doubt the intrepid android can mollify suspicious humans by claiming to be "French."