24 Ways The Future Japan Imagined In 1970 Was Better Than What We Got

The Osaka Expo teased a future of misty buildings and electric trees. Instead we got smartphones and tablets. Total rip-off.

1. Aerial view of the Osaka Expo ‘70.

2. Osaka Expo entrance, guarded by the Tower of the Sun.

3. Close-up of the Tower of the Sun.

4. Toshibia-IHI Pavilion went balls to the wall with retro-futurism.

5. As did the official Expo Tower.

6. Takara Beautilion Pavilion had a modular feel.

7. Takara Beautilion Pavilion front angle.

8. People looking at the future of communication at the Telecommunication Pavilion.

9. Swiss Pavilion lit up the night with an electrical tree.

10. Sumitomo Fairy Tale Pavilion consisted of nine “flying saucers” housing various mythological tales from around the world.

11. Hanging Gondolas were the future of sky travel.

12. Or at least the future of World Expo travel.

13. Furukawa Pavilion stands tall in the center of a panoramic view.

14. Canada Pavilion predicted the glass buildings of today pretty well.

15. Textiles Pavilion with a garden in the foreground.

16. The Italian Pavilion with the Hong Kong Pavilion behind it.

17. Malaysian Pavilion with futuristic space bench seating behind.

18. The Pepsi Pavilion had a constantly generating mist effect.

19. Which turned into a low-hanging cloud as visitors boarded the moving walkway.

20. The Green Pavilion was definitely not suggestive at all.

21. Waterfalls sprayed at night while swan paddle boats ruled the day.

22. Praha restaurant and it optimistically futuristic decor.

23. Bulgarian Pavilion had a very Egyptian and/or modern Louvre feel.

24. And the USSR Pavilion (obviously).

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