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15 Times Batman Was 100% Done With The Justice League

Superheroes are assholes.

1. That time everyone flew off without him.

2. That time Green Lantern lived because public team killing is bad press.

3. That time Superman's stupidity was physically painful.

4. That time when The Flash nearly incinerated Alfred with incompetence.

5. That time Superman took Batman's billionaire status for granted.

6. That time Hawkgirl shouldn't have asked questions she didn't want answers to.

7. That time Guy Gardner flirted with death by Batman.

8. That time Batman was forced to into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

9. That time Green Lantern should've kept his damn mouth shut.

10. That time Hawkgirl was an insensitive bitch.

11. That time Superman breached the "No Hugging" rule.

12. That time The Flash saw his life flash before his eyes.

13. That time Batman was 1000% done with Superman's shit.

14. That time no one took the quest for justice as seriously as Batman.

15. And of course, all the times they kept forgetting Bruce is an introvert.