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23 Signs You're Totally A Disney Villain

Goodness is highly overrated.

1. You know the importance of a dramatic entrance.

2. And an impeccably timed exit.

3. At work, you are a totally chill and fair boss.

4. But you have a super low tolerance for morons.

5. And you are not afraid to voice your displeasure.

6. You're always happy to do a favor for your co-workers or boss.

7. At least as far as they know.

8. But patience is a virtue and a you'll call in those favors.

9. You're sure of your flawlessness and happy in your own company.

10. But you know exactly how to dress to impress.

11. And have the best fashion sense.

12. Which people try to copy all the time.

13. When you deign to go out, you're the life of the party.

14. Because you are a master of social interaction.

15. And always seal the deal with the hottest piece there.

16. You make (and have) the most awesome best friend.

17. That you are completely inseparable from.

18. And brook no intrusion from outsiders.

19. You roll your eyes when people complain about things being "unfair."

20. As if life owes them for existing.

21. UGH.

22. But not you. When life hands you some setbacks, you are undaunted.

23. Because you know in the end this will be you.