17 Reasons You Wish Giles From “Buffy” Was Your Dad

He’s basically a blueprint for great parenting.

1. He will mess you up if you threaten his kids.

2. Seriously, do not test him on this.

3. He knows the importance trying to keep up on pop culture.

4. Even if it makes no damn sense.

5. He is immune to the pout. Totally immune. Always. Be strong.

6. And has mastered the art of “If I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.”

7. He understands sometimes you just have to resort to bribery.

8. Because patience is a finite resource.

9. He knows the importance of instilling the rules of social interaction.

10. And is always teaching lessons on how to survive life.

11. Even if the kids never listen. Repetition is key.

12. He can tell the difference between “pain” and PAIN.

13. He tries to balance sugar-coating reality with raising a well-prepared adult.

14. He let’s his kids make their own choices, even if he thinks they’re mistakes.

15. And is always there for them if it all goes wrong, without a single “I told you so.”

16. And never, never with any judgement.

17. Because unconditional love is not dependent on shared DNA.

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