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    20 Reasons Tech-Savvy Parents Terrify Kids

    Look at what future generations have to look forward to! In another decade, parents will rule technology with an iron fist.

    1. Tech-savvy parents find creative ways to show their displeasure with your life choices.

    2. Like hack your Facebook.

    3. Over and over again.

    4. They will troll the hell out of you.

    5. Even at Christmas.

    6. They think up the best (worst) punishments.

    7. No. Seriously. Don't screw with tech-savvy parents.

    8. They always get what they want.

    9. They have your passwords and will delete your foul-mouthed accounts.

    10. Or they'll just make you apologize.

    11. They have a Tumblr...and know yours.

    12. Which means they understand the subculture.


    Go read the rest of this epic mother/daughter troll-off over here!

    13. And will use it against you.

    14. But at least they speak the language.

    15. They will discover your porn.

    16. And find it lacking.

    17. They will find your sexts.

    18. And ground you accordingly.

    19. And of course, they'll use internet slang to embarrass the life out of you.

    20. But at least they have their parenting priorities straight.

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