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13 Patented Captain Kirk Moves To Help You Win Any Fight

Starfleet accepts only the most athletic and graceful cadets. And then there's Kirk.

1. The "Spontaneous Crowd Surfer"

2. The "I Think We're Alone Now"

3. The "Beam Me To Aspen"

4. The "Stop, Drop, And Team Kill"

5. The "Kicks Like A Mule"

6. The "No Grandma I'm Too Old For Kisses"

7. The "Cosmo Sex Tip #57"

8. The "Beginner's Parkour"

9. The "Don't Bring Guns To A Kick Fight"

10. The "I Got My Massage Therapy Degree Online"

11. The "Jack And Jill"

12. The "Does This Smell Like Chloroform"

13. And of course, the "Pillow Fight"