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    17 Parenting Tips From Professor Utonium Of "The Powerpuff Girls"

    Who said cartoons never taught us anything?

    1. There's no manual for raising kids. Don't worry, everyone is faking it.

    2. Children can be difficult to wake up in the morning. Get creative!

    3. Eating together at least once a day is a great way to stay informed about their lives.

    4. Take lots of pictures. But not so many you can't miss the actual memories.

    5. Childhood fears are scary and real. Always be there to fight the monsters in the dark.

    6. Being a parent is a full-time gig. Laundry and lawn mowers don't care about gender lines.

    7. If they're old enough to ask hard questions, they're old enough to get honest answers.

    8. Playing dress-up is a great bonding experience.

    9. And so is watching television as a family.

    10. Always bring some kind of entertainment on road trips lest you sacrifice your sanity.

    11. But make time for yourself! All parenting and no play makes Jackie a dull boy.

    12. If your kids suffer separation anxiety, let them help you get ready to go out.

    13. It's totally normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Don't be afraid to reach out for help.

    14. But remember, all parents snap and yell sometimes.

    15. Especially when their kids try to pull bullshit.

    16. But your kids know the truth.

    17. Because you love them.