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    Marvel's Newest Plot Teaser Asked Seriously Awkward Questions

    Sometimes being vague is a good thing. And sometimes it makes it seem like you're trying to tell fans you gave them herpes.

    Marvel sent out this extremely vague piece of marketing earlier in the week...

    Marvel Entertainment

    ...okay it's a tease. No big deal.

    Next came an equal opportunity cryptic follow-up.

    Marvel Entertainment

    Ha ha, inclusion! Well done, everyone. That's it now right?

    Then it started to get...awkward.

    Marvel Entertainment

    Are they what? Dating? Coming out of the closet? Confessing to murder?

    Wait, why does this color scheme feel familiar?

    ...oh. OH.

    Marvel...are you trying to tell us something?

    Marvel Entertainment

    "Get tested today." OH MY GOD, this is a STI public service announcement isn't it?

    Wait, no. Just more anti-mutant β€” or Skrull β€” propaganda. Phew.

    Marvel Entertainment

    Well, not "phew" but you know.

    Marvel Entertainment

    Remember kids, if comic books really love you they'll wear a storage sleeve.

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