22 Leggings For Every Fandom To Keep You Warm This Winter

Bonus: They’re actually affordable. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between heat and fashion.

1. Welcome to the internet. These leggings will be your guide.

Price: $26.50

2. Keep your gams in good company with Superhero Ladies

Price: $21.99

3. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE…bad fashion with Dalek leggings.

Price: $26.50

4. Or be fashionable throughout space and time with TARDIS ones.

Price: $26.50

5. Superhero style definitely includes Lycra leggings.

Price: $26.59

6. It’s on your phone, it might was well be on your legs.

Price: $27.99

7. Learn dirty sayings in Korean for these Lady Rainicorn leggings.

Price: $26.50

8. Oh My Glob! Lumpy Space Princess leggings.

Price: $26.50

9. You don’t have to be the Ice King to enjoy penguins on your gams.

Price: $26.50

10. Make a meta statement about the futility of the work grind with Pac-Man.

Price: $42.00

11. You’ll never have Maleficent’s style but you can emulate it.

Price: $26.59

12. Traded your fins in for legs? Better keep ‘em warm.

Price: $22.59

13. Na na na na na na na na Bat FASHION!

Price: $15.80

14. *GASP* Your fashion sense is tingling!

Price: $8.45

15. Stormtrooper armor might not be functional, but it’s fashion-forward.

Price: $26.59

16. Come to the Dark Side — we have better style.

Price: $26.50

17. Somewhere Aqua is hoping these leggings trigger a “Barbie Girl” revival.

Price: $16.90

18. Staying warm is no joking matter.

Price: $26.59

19. If you gotta catch ‘em all, you gotta dress the part.

Price: $23.99

20. My Little Pony: Fashion Is Magic.

Price: $26.50

21. As close as you’ll get to Sonic speeds.

Price: $42.00

22. Who is more kawaii? Chibi Marvel or she who wears them?

Price: $26.50

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