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Jewel Toned Pigeons Take To The Sky

Colorfully cute or cruel? Strangely colored birds have been turning up in one Denmark city.

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Artists JULIAN CHARRIÈRE and Julius von Bismarck wanted to change how the people of Copenhagen, Denmark felt about pigeons. Seen as vermin, or "rats of the sky", most urban citizens have a distaste for the omnipresent birds.

Julian and Julius built a device, pictured below, and installed it on the roof of a local building. It was designed to catch pigeons and airbrush them with a variety of deep jewel tones via a conveyor belt mechanism. Afterwords, the hapless creature was released into the wild to show off its new wardrobe.

The images here are just a small sampling of the shots captured so far, and the project is still ongoing. See the gallery, titled Some Pigeons Are More Equal Than Others at Julian's website.

Hat tip to Death And Taxes.

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