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    Ian McKellen Is Going To Marry Patrick Stewart

    Everyone knew Magneto and Professor Xavier were meant to be together. Oh wait, McKellen is marrying Stewart to someone else? DAMN!

    Jeff Christensen, file / AP

    During his interview on Jonathan Ross, McKellen let the news slip. "I'm going to marry Patrick [Stewart]. I am going to officiate at his wedding." You can see the whole interview over here.

    The nuptials between Stewart, 72, and his fiancée Sunny Ozell, 35, will take place in Massachusetts at an unknown date.

    This is the lucky bride-to-be, Sunny Ozell!

    Samir Hussein / Getty Images

    Stewart met Ozell backstage after one of Stewart's Macbeth performances in 2009. According to an interview Stewart gave the Telegraph at the beginning of February, "[Sunny] told me afterwards that she was contemplating whether to come backstage or just melt away into the night. But she’d also watched every episode of The Next Generation, and was brought up on Picard, so she knew that underneath there lurked a better man."

    For the next four years, the two continued their transatlantic romance, with Ozell living in New York City as a jazz singer, and Stewart hopping back and forth across the pond. Perhaps fans should have suspected things were getting serious when he dropped $2.5 million on a Park Slope home back in October of last year.

    Here's Sunny singing "Pennies From Heaven" live at the Rockwood.

    View this video on YouTube

    Based on photographic evidence, Ian McKellen approves.

    Samir Hussein / Getty Images

    Or is drowning his unrequited love in that empty glass while putting on a brave front.

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