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Hollywood Loves GIFS But Doesn't Understand Them

There is a way to make motion posters into a huge Hollywood marketing tool. Keep trying, you can do it! (Warning: Auto-Sound.)

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"Conan The Barbarian" was one of the first attempts at a motion poster. It…could have been better.


- Flying birds in the background.

- Pioneer attempt opening the door for other studios to try too!


- Mostly just a big poster you move around with your mouse.

- Auto-play sound. (NO!)

- Not a GIF but a "sharable" link. There isn't even an embed feature so click thru to see it in motion.

- No ability to save to desktop for sharing later.

"The Hunger Games" realized their target demographic loves social media, home of the GIF, and marketed accordingly.




- Lots of motion.

- Embeddable.


- Still not a GIF, making it slightly more difficult to share.

- No ability to "Save As".

- Auto-play sound (NO!)

"The Wolverine" is by far the best motion poster to date.


- Gorgeous art.

- Original (not a remake of a poster)

- Subtle motion and hints as to the movie plot.


- Still not a GIF.

- NOT SHAREABLE! (whyyyyyyy?)

- No embed, no "share on social media", definitely no "Save As" option.

- Click thru to Entertainment Weekly to see it in motion


"Stark Trek Into Darkness" fell into the same trap of the GIF that is not a GIF.