Hollywood Loves GIFS But Doesn’t Understand Them

There is a way to make motion posters into a huge Hollywood marketing tool. Keep trying, you can do it! (Warning: Auto-Sound.)

1. “Conan The Barbarian” was one of the first attempts at a motion poster. It…could have been better.

- Flying birds in the background.
- Pioneer attempt opening the door for other studios to try too!

- Mostly just a big poster you move around with your mouse.
- Auto-play sound. (NO!)
- Not a GIF but a “sharable” link. There isn’t even an embed feature so click thru to see it in motion.
- No ability to save to desktop for sharing later.

2. “The Hunger Games” realized their target demographic loves social media, home of the GIF, and marketed accordingly.

View this embed ›

- Lots of motion.
- Embeddable.

- Still not a GIF, making it slightly more difficult to share.
- No ability to “Save As”.
- Auto-play sound (NO!)

3. Intrepid fans managed to turn the motion poster into an easily shared GIF.

- GIF!
- No sound.

- Low quality.
- Shorter snippet.

4. “The Wolverine” is by far the best motion poster to date.

- Gorgeous art.
- Original (not a remake of a poster)
- Subtle motion and hints as to the movie plot.

- Still not a GIF.
- NOT SHAREABLE! (whyyyyyyy?)
- No embed, no “share on social media”, definitely no “Save As” option.
- Click thru to Entertainment Weekly to see it in motion

5. Fans did what they could but a lot of quality was lost in the conversion.

Tumblr’s GIF size limitations were no help but that’s another post entirely.

6. “Stark Trek Into Darkness” fell into the same trap of the GIF that is not a GIF.

View this embed ›

7. And was also pulled from the fire by fans dedicated to sharing their excitement.

8. But there is hope! “Looper” hit all the right notes.

- GIF!
- Easily shared and/or saved.
- No sound. (YES!)
- Cinemagraph quality subtly.

9. With a little luck, the future of movie posters, even in theater lobbies, looks like this.

After all, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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