Hemisphere Cake Is The Delicious Way To Learn Geology

Mmmm, the outer core tastes like lemons.* *Warning: Actual outer core of the Earth does not taste like lemons.

1. Cake Crumbs was asked by her sister to make an Earth cake to teach kids about its structural layers.

2. Which meant baking a vanilla buttercake inside a lemon sponge cake.

3. And then baking those cakes inside an orange sponge cake.

4. Then top it all off with chocolate buttercream icing.

5. Putting her home country front and center, she covered the buttercream layer with marshmallow fondant.

6. Each continent was handcrafted and then painted on with a gel paste mixture. The painting took over six hours!

7. But the finished product was a roaring success!

Pictured: The crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core.

8. Cake is obviously the best teacher.

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